This web site was formed when we first began our annual Man Cruz event with the Lookingglass Corvette Club. We pride ourselves in the annual tradition of cruising the highways and building solidarity with fellow Corvette enthusiasts. We do this each year because "it is the right thing to do".

The LGCC's mission is to promote interest in Corvette ownership and operation, and to turn that enthusiasm into social activities that encourage camaraderie and lasting friendship.

Lookingglass Corvette Club

The LookingGlass Corvette Club (LGCC), formed in Highland Illinois back in 1976, consists of approximately 200 member families from southern Illinois and the St. Louis metro area. In those early years when this club was being formed the Corvette enthusiasts had a vision to establish a club where the passion could be shared by promoting interest in Corvette ownership. Now over 35 years later the LGCC club has grown considerably and continues to grow. The early year Corvette owners and enthusiasts didn't have any idea how far the club would evolve and all the lives that the organization would touch. The pride and ownership of having a Corvette brings friends together that enjoy many activities. This includes enjoying many aspects of the Corvette community both locally and nationally. LGCC has a big impact on local communities and charities as well. The club has proudly participated in Veterans Day parades and Memorial Day parades too. Club members enjoy giving their time to volunteer by displaying their Corvettes in several other local community events.